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We take pride in providing our clients with high quality personnel that are willing and able to perform the task at hand. We ensure that our personnel have the required, valid, and up to date certifications that are required.

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Our approach to our strategic partnership opportunities is simple; we divide resources and we conquer by fulfilling the clients overall goal and offering our contractors with beneficial opportunities.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Samantha Dugar
Human Resources Manager

"Secure Corp/Med Corp went above and beyond to ensure that our store's assets was protected. Many of the department managers and associates also commented on how great the observational awareness, professional courtesy and discipline helped make them feel secure. From assisting elderly to/from their  cars to using professional discretion deterring known thieves away from the store. Secure Corp/Med Corp is reliable and dependable. It was a pleasure having them secure our associates and assets. "

Happy Woman

Maria Santini
Store Manager

"Having access to your company allowed the associates to feel eased doing a tuff time. We feel with the security vehicle on the premises made awareness to the community that our club is a safe place to shop. Your team was able to adopt to different managers expectation in a professional manner and for that we all appreciate you guys. If we ever need your services again I would be first one in line to reach out to your team."